Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beer Spa

I have been blogging about Spa resort centres in Malaysia on 6 Nov 06 and 2 Dec 06. Such wellness lifestyle in Malaysia is getting more prominent. But another kind of spa lifestyle is found in Czech Republic and also mushrooming in Austria (Landhotel Moorhof) and Germany (Kummeroer Hof). It's called the Spa Beer.

It was believed that a Spa Beer opened up by the Chodovar Brewery in Chodova Plana is the world's first Spa Beer where every sense is enveloped in beer; the bubbly sticky liquid on your skin, the hops in the air, to the beer in your mug.

You can also try the brewski facial: an ├╝ber gooey face mask made from ground hops, malt, honey and cream cheese. These half hour bath treatments start at about US$55. The guests are charged US$150 pounds for weekend packages, and can indulge in a range of health treatments including beer wraps. Beer is believed to have many positive effects on the skin and skin conditions. Maybe the men, upon hearing the word beer, may change their mind on spas. Imagine you can swim in a pool of beer.(source: Zee News, Realbeer & World Leisure News)
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