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I had an encouter with the so-called biggest bank in Malaysia, Malayan Banking Berhad, but having the 'stupidest' (if ever a word) call centre in the whole world. What happened?

Since I'm based faraway, only way to control my finance is via the bank's online banking service, Maybank2u, which I have been using it for more than 2 years now. No problem faced before. Just this morning around 11am here. I keyed in my username and password as usual. The page will of course change to the main page of the internet banking page. But no! It showed the log-in page again. Naturally, I keyed in again and submit. It repeated the same thing. It happened for 5 times and by the 6th time, after keying in and hitting the button, a message came out like this:-

You have reached the maximum number of password tries. Your account has been blocked. For assistance, please contact Maybank Group Customer Care at 1-300-88-6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas).

Man, what's this nonsense? I have to make some payments and this is happening to me now at this stage??????? Contacted a friend who's wife is working with one the bank's branches where she said I have to call the bank no matter what. Call from Sudan???

My KL colleagues found out for me that our Petronas office (next cabin) should have some satellite phones around. Yeah, in the desert, what do you Maybank's instruction to request their customers to call their office is really ridiculous. Found the phone and called them. Spoke to a lady at the call centre and related my incident. She verified whether I'm the accountholder before she proceeded to anything. She asked for my identity card number, where do I stay in Kuala Lumpur and then my banking account numbers. I told her that the account numbers are in the website where I'm trying to access. She got what I meant.

Next, she asked for my ATM card no. (cash card). Told her it's back home in Kuala Lumpur. Lastly, she said that she can help me by refreshing the password and then I can use it PROVIDED ...............yeah there's something else to it............ PROVIDED I can recall my initial password from day one (which was a computer generated password given to us when we first applied for the internet banking). HOW IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THAT PASSWORD (the bank will also advise that such password should be changed after keying in for the first time) ????? And if not mistaken, last year or so, Maybank has sent another email to their online customers to change their passwords again for safety reason. I can't even remember that previous password, so don't talk about the first one.

I was so angry and I asked her back the same question. She said that's the only way. ONLY WAY???? Then I told her that was not a solution at all. You are throwing the situation back at me. So I told her, your website asked a customer to call back not having the mind to think where could the customer be and after calling in, such an answer is ok for Maybank to give to their customer. Really 'STUPIDEST BANK IN THE WORLD' stands!

And I'm still stucked in the middle of the Sudanese desert with no internet banking!!!!!!!!!
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