Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Visitation at the Desert Villages

Took a picture with the kids or the kids actually came to us knowing that we are taking a picture there.
Our sole ma'am from Petronas with the ladies of the village.

Most of the village's females were gathered at this house.

When we arrived at the 3rd village, we were surprised by the lining-up of the kids and also the ladies.
They tried to line them (kids) up according to their heights too. Maybe the first 2 boys were late and just stood in front as we were arriving.

Colourful clothings by the village's ladies. They were dressed for their Eid Festival.

The little girls.

And the children were really good, as they didn't budge from where they were standing. They just turned around to see the happenings behind them.

Ok, ok the ladies were starting to get restless as to why must they be in a line.

On arriving at the next village, even the cows were disciplined. No fencing around them but they were all in one place.

What was that pastel green guy doing? He actually spotted a beautiful girl and he signalled another cameraman to go with him.

If you don't believe, just look at the left side of this picture. He was taking a picture with a local girl (blocked). Cheeky.......

The guys in front were smiling broadly because I just told them that I was taking the picture of their big happy family.

Amongst the village elders (supposed to be).

Actually the thought of taking the picture in the middle of the herd crossed my mind.........already 1 cow has spotted that I was quite near them.
Lots of cow dungs all over.

They were nice to pose for this picture. I'm sure they were in their new/best clothing for the Eid Festival.



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