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Exiled / I Not Stupid Too - movie review

Exiled - starring Nick Cheung, Roy Cheung, Josie Ho, Lam Suet, Francis Ng, Cheung Siu Fai, Simon Yam, Anthony Wong & Richie Ren. With this set of cast members, I wouldn't have let this movie out of my grasp especially with Johnnie To as the director. 5 members of a gang up, after overcoming their differences, to undertake one last crime assignment together.

They were supposed to be hired killers to finish off a particular guy. So happened, another gang, led by Simon Yam, turned up and turned the tables of 5 of them. One was badly hurt and they were hunted down. Sadly, this injured gang member passed away and left behind his wife/child.

While trying to escape, they bumped into a security van transporting gold bars where they helped the head security to ward off a planned hijack. In the end, together with the head security, they took off together with equal shares in it with tens of millions each. Apparently, Simon Yam's has taken their dead member's wife/child as hostage. With loyalty in their hearts, they went to bail the wife/child out with their share of gold bars. Simon Yam was totally wiped off the face of this earth in a gun battle with the remaining 4 gang members unable to escape the death trap too.

Not much of a story to follow but it just point to loyalty/friendship towards a dead gang member and due to too much killings, this movie was banned in Malaysia. A Cantonese version.

I Not Stupid Too 2 - starring Xiang Yun, Richard Low, Selena Tan, Jack Neo. A solid good Singapore production which is maturing day to day. If you want a solid laugh with good/original jokes/humour, this is the movie but it's in Mandarin.

About how students in a secondary/high school behaves. The movie showed the respective students' home life and how it affected their behaviours in school. How 2 brothers who neglected by their busy business-minded dad and their dragon-like mom who scolded without giving them a chance to explain. It also showed the life of another student, who has a dad who would beat him even for a small mistake.

It went to the length of highlighting a teacher's weakness in conducting his class which eventually led him to be ridiculed by the public. Though quite emotionally, the in-betweens have tremendous good laughs.
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