Thursday, January 11, 2007

Human Apes?

Adelaide Zoo has put a few human beings into the orang-utan cage to analyse ways to improve conditions for real apes in captivity. That's interesting!

Visitors can also vote for their favourite 'ape' similar to those famous TV reality shows throughout the world now. The winner will get to represent Adelaide Zoo.

Following strict rules for the 'apes':-
* no nudity
* no rude behavior
* no jumping into the enclosure spa
* zoo vets will not hesitate to use tranquillizer darts if the 'apes' misbehave (source: Reuters)
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Blogger Jessica Gottlieb said...

Oh that is just too much!

Maybe a subject of a blog for me...

11 January, 2007 09:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

Humans can behave like monkeys outside cages too! It happens all the time, especially when they are under extreme emotional circumstances. ;)

11 January, 2007 22:57  

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