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Soul Plane / United 93 - movie review

Soul Plane - starring Tom Arnold, Kevin Hart & Calvin 'Snoop Dogg' Broadus. Kevin lost his dog (flew out of cargo section) & injured himself in the airplane toilet. Due to this, he received a US$100M compensation and he told the reporters outside the court that he will have his own airline with the money. Indeed he did. His new airline's maiden flight will be from Los Angeles to New York. His plane is in purple colour and all its wheels has sport rims.

His cousin somehow got Snoop Dogg as a pilot where they found out that he has flying experience via the flight simulator game only. The upper deck on the airplane was a disco area where there is a live DJ and live band. The first class section has new seating arrangements where everyone can move comfortably.

His cousin almost made a mess in the plane by converting certain section of the plane into a casino area then change it to a dance floor with pole dancers. It's a goood comedy movie where you'll see different people with different needs especially with the only white family in the plane. There was a toilet attendant in a spacious toilet too. The captain, Snoop Dogg passed out as he took too much dosage of drugs and the co-pilot passed out cold when he fell at the jacuzzi area. In the end, the new owner landed the plane and created history for a new way of travelling.

United 93 - starring Daniel Sauli, Lewis Alsamari & JJ Johnson. This movie was adapted partly based on the airplane that crashed prior to hitting any targets on 9/11. It showed various passengers checking in including the terrorists (right from their hotel rooms). The terrorists managed to reserve all first class seatings. After taking off, they waited for the right moment before seizing the control of the plane when a stewardess opened the pilots' door.

From then on, it was chaotic as 4 guys pushed their way through and killed off the 2 pilots instantly. One of the terrorists flew the plane and another 2 gathered the rest of the passengers way back into the end of the plane. One of them had a bomb tied to his body. You could passengers making calls via the in-flight phone or via their mobile phones (who cares whether it will disrupt the plane's electrical systems now). Tears, fear, confusion & numbness came about. At the same time, the movie moved on to showing 3 other planes hitting the World Trade Center and also the Pentagon. The intelligence on the ground was trying to put the pieces together. It was total mayhem at many control towers.

Eventually, the control towers received notice that flight United 93 was also hijacked. With death knocking at their doors, the male passsengers agreed to combine their strength and overcame 2 of the terrorists. Another terrorist stood just outside the cockpit and managed to delay the passengers from going into the cockpit. By the time that a few of the passengers got into the cockpit, the airplane was directed downwards by the terrorist pilot. Too late. Intense movie and you really feel for those passengers in there. Though it may not reflect the true scenario but at least the movie did anger the public on the showing of this movie in USA.

If not mistaken, both of the movies were not shown in Malaysia. Censored too?
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Soul Plane? Johnny, you actually reviewed that crap? There's no way I could sit through that tat. *thumbs down*

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