Tuesday, January 02, 2007

USA's $4.5 Trillion Financial Scandal

How true are the following reports thus far that US Treasury Secretary has been arrested in Germany and news have been covered up as it involves a number of top ranking people in USA and Europe. And if this is real, it will be the world's worse financial scandal of all time which could even trigger the fall of US Dollars and maybe even the EURO.

Biggest Scandal in U.S. History Covered Up By U.S. Corporate Media - Inform America

U.S. Treasury Secretary Arrested in Germany - World Reports Limited

Treasury Secretary Paulson Arrested in Germany as Bushbox Crumbles and Disgraces America Again - After Downing Street

White House Still Not Talking about $4.5 Trillion Wanta Settlement - The Artic Beacon

The above happened within the last week of year 2006 till 30 Dec 2006.

Want my feedback? I think it's a hoax as it did mention that the International Court of Justice ("ICJ") has subpoena Henry Paulson to the ICJ. ICJ is located in The Hague, Netherlands anyway. FYI, the ICJ only settles (1) cases involving countries pertaining to international law or legal disputes and (2) will give legal advisory on those disputes submitted by international organisations and agencies. Only states may apply or appear before the court. An arrest could not be made or issued by ICJ on the spot even though it involves states as there are procedures to be followed.
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