Monday, January 01, 2007

Visitation at the Desert Villages

A mother with her son. She requested me to take a photo of them. Was she expecting me to give something in return for a picture taken? Upon thanking her, I just walked away fast.

The kids there really enjoyed our presence. On that day, I think there were about 10 cameras shooting at all over the place. Have to ask for each camera's pictures and then post those not similar to mine.

This picture was taken when there were about 3 cameramen aiming here and the kids ran to our spot.

Yeah, we got them to sit down as they were so estatic jumping up and down and our cameramen said they can't see our faces.

Ok, time for the first cow to be slaugthered out of the 13 in different villages. Not everyone can do it but a married elder in the village only.

Gross? I'm ok with it. It will still move for a moment as it struggles.

These guys were trying to get some pictures of the ladies in the village. Notice that they were in a house compound and not out of it. The kids just followed the cameramen.

Donkeys were spared.....haha....they were not in the list.

At the 2nd village now.I think this cow was under his name. About 2-3 persons will share to buy a cow and they have a list where it shows which village's cow was borned by them (randomly).

To play safe, the villlagers tied up its legs first, just in case it stands up and starts to run after slaugthering its neck. Imagine what a mess or how gory is the situation if it happens.

Such happy faces. The cow meat will be distributed amongst villagers later.

Here goes!

That small knife was really sharp.

More pictures soon.............



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