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Kuala Lumpur's New Tourist Bus

* Latest * The Customer Service has followed up with another email on 7 Jan responding to my earlier email:-
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: inquiry
To: Johnny Ong
Sent: Sunday, January 7, 2007 8:05:02 PM
Subject: Web site Update
Dear Mr Ong,

We have rectified some of the problems on our website. The comment box fonts, submit button and ticket button have all been rectified. Pictures on stop 13,14,19 and 20 will be uploaded in a couple of days. We will also make the map downloading available very soon. We apologize again for the inconvenience caused to you and we welcome more comments from your goodself concerning this matter. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Customer service

The Customer Service has on 5 Jan responded to my email as follows:-
Dear Mr Johny Ong
Thank you for your comment and advice. We greatly appreciate it. Feedback from customers like you is vital in improving our service. We would not want to discourage people to give comments, infact we welcome them as feedback from customers and potential customers are very important to us in making sure we provide them good service. we will make sure that the fonts for the words will be enlarged, and all other complaints that you have made will be rectified. we will inform you via email once these have all been rectified. thanking you again for your kind advice.
Customer Service

Original Posting
Sadly to say, just 4 days into the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, complaints were there from tourists on the much awaited tourist bus that will bring tourists round Kuala Lumpur as stated in The Star newspaper. And some of the tourists literally waited for the bus as it was not punctual.
The Hop On-Hop Off has its own website too. When I click on other pages, for example Services, it took a few minutes to download. At this technology age, few minutes?????

When I intend to find out more on the Ticket, it has no response at all. So I went on to click Contact. Straight away, I wanted to write to them to comment on this few issues. When I started typing, the font in the Message box was so small and I'm very sure that many people will not be able to see what they were typing. Maybe it's a way to discourage people from commenting (esp. the negative ones, the lesser the better).

After finishing what I wanted to say, I clicked my my.... can't work either. So I pasted the whole thing onto the email and emailed to them and said "Don't disappoint me by having this email rejected". Let's see how long they take to respond (still giving them a benefit of doubt with pun intended).

Apparently, this hop on hop off stuff is not new and it's being practiced at many major cities around the world - New York City / London / Paris / Dublin / Toronto / Turks & Caicos Islands / Sydney / Oslo / Vienna / Bangalore. Singapore and Dubai have this services for quite some time back also and all this countries have this services throughout the year and not wait for a particular year to have it.
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