Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Apprentice - Malaysia's Version

I'm sure many of you have heard of "The Apprentice" where Donald Trump sits at the
table with 2 of his assistants firing young guys/girls out of the reality show.

Malaysia will be having their own version called "The Firm".
Malaysia will just follow any good shows for instance out of Wheel of Fortune, came Roda Impian, American Idol gave birth to Malaysian Idol and was it Who Wants To Be A Millionaire .........

Words are being passed around town, yeah it even reach the Sudanese desert as well, looking for participants. The reality show will be shown on NTV7 eventually and 10 guys/girls at ages from 21 to 35 could go for an interview. You are lucky that you got this message in my blog. Because if I was in that age group, I would have kept this info for myself. Lesser participants, more chances of winning. I'm stingy? Greedy? No, the show has begun even before the start of the real one....... mua hahahaha. Since, I would have passed that last age of 35 by just few days on the closing date, I'm letting this cat out of the bag for you guys/girls to have a go at it. Remember, to post a thank you message here if you were selected after reading this info.

Apparently, the CEO for the show has not been found yet. The secret CEO will be like Donald Trump, thrashing the participants. Actually I could suggest people who are good in thrashing human beings but they are not CEO qualities lah.

Prizes? Oh yes! Heard that there are cash prizes, maybe even a car (lots of difference between a local car or a non-local car) and a job opportunity in that secret CEO's office and more prizes being worked out. The secret CEO could be even your current CEO.

Visit NTV7 website to obtain more info and the application form. The closing date for application is 26 January 2007.
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Blogger Unknown said...

This seems to be quite a common trait in South East Asia. It isn't much better here in Singapore, where we get a lot of TV programming imitating Taiwanese talk shows hosted by Jacky Wu, Singapore Idol (and its clones like Project Superstar), The Dance Floor (which mirrors So You Think You Can Dance) and so on.

What we truly need are original inspiring television programmes that truly entertain!

18 January, 2007 06:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My college is doing something like Donald Trump in April 06. Check it out in 8tv. It's called "Please Give me a job!"

25 January, 2007 09:41  
Blogger said...

owh my i wish to join

25 March, 2013 20:44  

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