Friday, January 26, 2007

Blindfolded Camel

As I was coming back from the desert site last Saturday, I took this photo with my colleague's handphone. Forgotten about it actually.

The blindfolded camel was actually being tied to a makeshift tree trunk which was also tied to a big piece of steel stucked into an oil drum. It was brewing some sort of liquid which we were not sure what it was. This picture was taken when our driver went for his breakfast in this little town and left 3 of us inside the car. We didn't go out of the car...... just sit tight and watch the surrounding....hehehe. A table (blocked by camel) is set-up with bottles of those liquid deemed for sale. Just look at the simple set-up of a business stall. Tree trunks and a cloth on the top are all they need to start a business.

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