Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bloggers United

I'm a fan of Manchester United ...... didn't expect that there is the United thing in blogosphere too. Well, this Bloggers United started off from Sheih of Kickdefella where it calls for Malaysian bloggers to be united in freedom of speech.

If you are a Malaysian blogger, you can copy this picture to be pasted in your blog. If you are a non-Malaysian blogger but supports bloggers, you can also paste it in your blog. Or access Kickdefella's website for more picture sizes.

Sadly, we have been informed that 2 socio-political bloggers have been issued Writs of Summon (of 12 inches high) for their blogging. It seems comments made in the respective blogs are also taken into consideration as part of the blogger's responsibility now.

Jeff Ooi of Screenshots and Ahiruddin Attan of RockyBru will have to appear before the court by month end.

Kickdefella came up with a poster in support of RockyBru.

No more freedom of speech in Malaysia?
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Blogger Dave said...

Thanks for letting us know bro! We need to stand in solidarity with our fellow Msian bloggers :)

25 February, 2007 13:59  

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