Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dracula's Castle - FOR SALE

Yesterday, a blog about a principality being on sale. Today, a castle is on sale. Whose castle? It's Dracula's Castle this time. Located in Transylvania. All the while I thought that this sounds like an american english name, so USA would be a logical spot.

To my surprise, this Transylvania is situated in the country of Romania.

The Dracula's Castle's actual name is Bran Castle, just that the former name is more well known.

The Hasburg family, owned the castle through inheritance, intends to sell it for Euro60 million (approx. US$78 million). Bear in mind that it's a main tourist attraction area with an estimated 400,000 visitors annually. If that's the case, it will take you 39 years to break-even if you charge an entrance fee of US$5 per person. 19 years at US$10....

HAHA! If you want to buy, do your own calculations then. (source: The Star)

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Blogger Jessica Gottlieb said...

Romania used to be called Transylvania....

11 January, 2007 09:30  

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