Monday, January 15, 2007

Constant Gardener / Dukes of Hazzard - movie review

Constant Gardener - starring Ralph Fiennes & Rachel Weisz. A lady who cares for the being of the Kenyan people was concerned about the medical care that the poors were receiving at their villages. Together with a local doctor, she ventured into finding the type of medicines being prescribed. At the same time, she fell in love with the British High Commission's top official and got married later. The marriage was shaky in a way that she placed her work above the marriage. She felt that the poor people's (in terms of thousands) were more important. Unfortunately, she was killed in a road accident. The doctor who was travelling together was not to be found and was the main suspect.

Her husband, all this while who had just listened about or saw what she was working on, went through her documentation and found certain disturbing situations. Later, his house was raided especially on his wife's belongings. Such desperate action by whoever prompted him to dive into his wife's passion for the people. In his love for her, he wanted to find out what his wife couldn't accomplish.

His investigation led him to a medication that has not been properly certified but brought over to Kenya to be tested on the poor villagers. The poor villagers were being used as guinea pigs for the untested medicines. In compiling evidence from various people, he travelled widely around Kenya and was followed by certain authorities to keep at bay. Upon finding out most of it, he soon realised that he almost stopped his wife from doing what she doing. A very good movie which relates to corrupted corporate giants with government authorities trying to earn their money at the expense of people in Kenya. Movie was able to play out the meaning of it and you could for the poor villages which could actually be happening.

Dukes of Hazzard - starring Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, Jessica Simpson & Burt Reynolds. The movie started off with a narrator mentioning that a placed would be good unless "you have the Dukes around"...... hahaha at that point of time, a car flew up a ramp and landed roughly. Both Dukes, cousins to each other, have been in this town since young and Johnny (not me but the main cast of this movie) was a car racer. Has been winning his annual race successively for few years. Somehow, a famous national racer, previously from this town too, came back to the town to participate in the race too.
While in preparation for the race, a sneaky businessman came about to obtain various pieces of lands belonging to the locals, not on willing-seller-willing-buyer basis but by crooked ways in finding loopholes to confiscate those lands. The Dukes found out that there were some natural resources underground of those lands.

The Dukes, including the beautiful Jessica Simpson playing their relatives, combined their efforts to inform the town folks about the businessman's crooked ways. Before the Dukes could do much, they were jailed. Upon finding a way out of jail, Johnny rushed to the racing circuit to participate in the annual race too. A comedy show but nothing much to shout about. The story line is very shallow.



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