Tuesday, January 23, 2007

China's Space Range Missiles

China at long last developed a new type of long range missiles. The target area? Space!

China was quiet in this area of missiles development and out of a sudden, with the last such missile being used by another nation was 20 years ago, China shot a missle up to the space to destroy one of its own weather satellite. It shocked many other nations such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Japan.

China's explanation for the launching of such missile is to force USA into talks in doing away with space weapons. The missile was launched from Xichang Space Centre in Sichuan province at a speed of 76,000km/h (47,000mph) slammed straight at the weather satellite.

* Missile test knocks out satellite - The Age
* Space attack will force US to rethink tactics with spy in the sky satellites - Times Online
* Canada expresses 'strong concerns' over China's satellite destruction - Canada Post
* Britain Concerned By Chinese Satellite Shoot-Down - AP via Space War
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