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John Tucker Must Die / Dragon Tiger Gate - movie review

John Tucker Must Die - starring Jesse Metcalfe, Sophia Bush, Brittany Snow, Ashanti & Arielle Kebbel. There is this high school guy who is also the famous captain of the basketball team. Thereby, getting a girlfriend in his case is not a problem at all. Who doesn’t want to be seen with the most famous guy in school. He was smart with his words, able to dupe 3 girls at one go. The 3 girls are from 3 different ethnic groups. As these 3 groups do not speak to each other most of the time, his time with the 3 girls was safe from any gossips.

In came a girl who witnessed a fight among the 3 girlfriends who found out later that the same guy, John Tucker, was dating the 3 girls. The new girl was caught in the fight and all 4 were sent to detention class. During the detention class, the idea of getting even on John was mooted. Hence, a plan was set up to make him feel embarrassed in front of many people. Each time the plan the succeeded but it turned out as a blessing in disguise for him where it got him ever more popular.

Eventually, the 3 girlfriends turned to the new girl, asking her to hook him up and get him to date her. Ideas after ideas were mooted to make John become more interested in the new girl which they did succeed. She couldn’t overcome her own conscience in getting back on John on behalf of the 3 girls and she let it out. Good entertainment, the story line was there and it’s just the normal high school stuff where there are boy-girl relationships.

Dragon Tiger Gate - starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Dong Jie & Li Xiao-ran. About a clan association (Dragon Tiger Gate) in which martial arts were taught to generate discipline amongst the young kids especially those without proper home care. From a young age, 2 brothers were separated due to parents’ marital problems. While having dinner 1 night at a restaurant, Tiger intervened to help a family who was being bullied by an illegal moneylender (loan shark) who was collecting unpaid loans. From, a fight broke out between Tiger and the illegal moneylender’s big boss (who sent dozens of his followers to fight of course). An emblem was also taken away that was dropped by the big boss.

In the process of getting back the emblem in later days, Tiger found out that a guy by the name Dragon who works for the big boss is his long lost brother as Dragon dropped a half-broken jade which matched Tiger’s other half. When Dragon’s big boss was killed by an internal betrayal, Dragon took revenge but was badly injured. The main leader of the big bosses in Hong Kong ensured that Dragon didn’t die as he wants to kill Dragon with his own hands. He barged into Dragon Tiger Gate and killed the elder of the clan and injured Tiger and another guy badly.

Both were brought to a temple where they were healed and taught new martial art movements that could overcome the devilish bad leader. Dragon meantime recovered too.The martial art flicks in this movie were excellent as Donnie Yen was the Action Director. His kung fu movements could be compared to Jet Li’s standard. All in all, a story about the good that will triumph over the evil. Lots of good skilful fighting scenes throughout the movie. Adapted from one of those Chinese kung fu comic books that are found in Hong Kong or even in Malaysia itself. The music played during fighting scenes did bring the tempo up a lot. The music director has done a tremendous job here. A must see for martial arts fan and even if you are not. It's website link (click name of movie above) was done excellently. Anyway, it's a Cantonese version and I became a translator for my malay colleagues too.
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