Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Visitation at the Desert Villages

Friendly guys who were ready anytime for a picture.
Large empty land. We were approaching another village again.
I wonder what made my colleague to move the camera towards the left, was it just because he wants to make sure that I was in the centre since that was my camera he was holding....hehehe. The ladies in this village came out from the house behind me the moment we arrived and greeted us with some shouts (their custom).

Too young and not daring enough to wander around with strangers around.
Clay brick houses.

This boy was having running nose due to the winter season now.

Another cow being slaugthered upon our arrival.

Picture was taken with the village elders.

The girl on the right has some sort of permed hair?????

Our only ma'am in our group said that if any one of us are interested in the girls, she can talk to the respective mothers immediately.

One of the kids was wearing a army general type of uniform in the following village. Someone must have taught to put up a 'good' sign when taking pictures.

Our ma'am saw this 2 little girls standing faraway from the main group of people.

Another cow, forgotten whose cow was this......the few guys who was supposed to be besides the cow disappeared somewhere behind taking photos.

To be continued ..........



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