Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bananas Used to Solve Crime in India

Now how could bananas be used as a tool to solve a crime.

In Calcutta, a thief snatched a necklace and tried to run away but was caught by the police. After some questioning he admitted swallowing it. Shit!!!!! Precisely, he has to shit it out then to obtain the evidence.

Now how to do it? Yes, bananas were ordered. Few combs of it. I like to eat bananas too but not a comb of it. And when I knew that constipation could be a problem, bananas would be the right cure for it.

After making sure the necklace was in his stomach, the thief was stuffed with combs of bananas and should you pity him...... hehehe. Bananas were used as laxative to excrete the necklace but it didn't succeed. So how?

At the last resort, the police prepared a feast fit for a king but only rice, chicken and local bread were served......... now I pity him.....hehehe
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