Sunday, August 05, 2007

Women Not Allowed to Wear Trousers

Umlazi, a township near Durban city in South Africa, has issued a weird ruling for their women citizen.

It seems that ladies there were not allowed to wear trousers AT ALL! Yeah, no trousers, jeans, slacks, pants but only skirts or dresses are allowed. Weird isnt it?

Discrimination again? After racial discrimination during the apartheid and now discrimination against women. What gave those guys the right to impose such a ridiculous ruling? Can the ladies there gather and impose new laws for the men there?

A lady was stripped naked, leaving her with the underwear only, because she was wearing pants. Her clothings were burnt on the spot. Not only her clothings but the shack that she was leaving in. Too much, isn't it?

Meantime, South Africa's Gender and Equality Commission and local politicians have condemned the actions.

That's why at times, when a law is being implemented, there will be some overzealous people who will try to enforce it but would over do it.
Reading: Women: Don't dare wear trousers in Umlazi - IOL

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