Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Drowsy After Lunch? / China's Me Generation

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Drowsy after lunch? Don't worry - it's natural
Ever wondered why do you feel sleepy especially after lunch and worst of all, at your workplace. Something wrong with your health? It's universally known as the "post-lunch dip" due to a collision of biology and economics. Wow, how scientific.

Will your company tolerate your sleepiness which people tend to relate it to laziness? Maybe you could suggest to your company to purchase this superb power nap chair called the Energy Pod which will benefit every staff for sure.

China's Me Generation
With seafood plentiful during a meal, conversation amongst young Chinese would be about exotic overseas trip, snowboarding, credit facilities provided by local banks while another would be assessing internet via the 3G technology.

It seems that the young urban Chinese would usually be found drinking their favourite coffee in Starbucks, wearing Nike shoes and blogging excessively.

Once you asked them about politics, their response would be "We can't do anything about it." It's exactly the same reaction in Malaysia. In China, the young generation is the driver and main beneficiaries of the current strong economy and who wouldn't want it to be changed especially the estimated 300 million 20-29 years old band of the young urban Chinese.
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Blogger BarrettLaurie said...

I am all for the energy pod chair! I could definitly be more productive at work if I had a nap! Take care!

23 August, 2007 08:14  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hehehhe, who wouldn't but that 1 chair cost a bomb

24 August, 2007 00:07  
Blogger Chin Y.Y. said...

china evolve in term of culture and economy at an unbearable pace. it is just too fast that anyone could imagine.
it is hard to follow the trend and the western one day will become a follower..

24 August, 2007 01:17  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

true, china is moving at a pace beyond anyone's expectation but a burnt out cld be expected according to economists. don't know whether their theory is accurate or not.

24 August, 2007 02:06  

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