Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Lobsterman

My group of friends' hunt for food brought us to The Lobsterman at SS2, Petaling Jaya.

We ordered the 2 sets of the Lobster Family Set Menu (price according to size; ours was RM233 per set) and get to pick 2 unlucky lobsters of the day.

We did try the Fresh Lobster with Fresh Fruit & Creamy Yogurt (RM28).

The baked Escargots and Mussels were part of the set menu. Good feeling once it enters your mouth.
Tarragon Butter Baked (French cooking style).

How big was the serving? There were 8 adults and it didn't really fill my stomach. Any more additional orders will cost more and I mean really more......hehe

Lobster Termidor (Italian cooking style) with white wine and baked with cheese.

Was it considered fine dining with a bill of RM700++? Not really as the restaurant's ambience/setting was not high class enough....hehe

Will we go again? Don't think so as we have lots of other places to go.
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