Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is Your Honey the Star of the Day?

If your honey is the star of the day, you could treat your honey to a good meal at Honey Star. But the restaurant has changed its name to Star Village Restaurant recently. It's located at Overseas Union Garden (OUG), KL.

Nothing related to the Honeystar cereal meal (but I found that this Honeystar could be quite tasty if it was part of a cookie).

Ostrich Steak which I ordered for myself. Not bad, at least it's something different from the usual western food.

The Salmon Fish Steak. Fresh fish.

Unique drink - Sun Tea. Often drank this when I was in Sudan, called Karkadeh (Roselle in english). It's actually hibiscus leaves which is widely cheaply available in Sudan but over here in Malaysia, it's considered a higher class drink.

Too bulky for me to bring back those dried tea leaves .... the immigration may suspect otherwise .... drugs???

The interior decor is quite unique.

A pool table is available for customers before, during & after their meals.

The atmosphere is quite nice and cooling. This restaurant started from Taman Desa, where I stay and then they moved to OUG later on. We often go over as the food is quite good and price is reasonable.

My hunt for food never ends till some of my friends said that I "live to eat" (of course some of the comrades were guilty of that as well).

Another blogger, Swing, was there recently and had some other photos to your liking.
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Anonymous Irene said...

LOL... I was looking for my link and apparently it's embeded in that cookie :P

26 August, 2007 16:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hehehe....was just talking abt same topic and saw yr blog, so why not just link it

26 August, 2007 16:50  

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