Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Uncivic Minded Residents

Human beings being human beings but some are worse than a human being. If you are staying in the same condominium, where's your sense of cleanliness. Just look at my condo's ground floor. When I came down earlier, the rubbish bin was already full but people continued to pile it up and I supposed it fell as it was too high by then. The orange coloured plastic was left on the floor instead since it was full.

You might say that the rubbish bin was too small. A bigger rubbish container (fit for the whole condo population to throw their rubbish) was located about 10 steps away, just behind the lifts. That's how terrible these human beings are. I recalled the same thing happened on my floor too. I printed a notice (in both English and Bahasa Malaysia languages) and slipped it under their doors (10 units per floor only) excluding my next door neighbour who was equally pissed off. My notice sounded like this:-

"If we found out that you were the one who just dumped the rubbish on the floor at the lift area, you will find all the rubbish in that bin being dumped right at the front of your door in the morning!!"

After that notice, everybody's mindset had changed.
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Blogger Shionge said...

It happens here too Johnny and yes dare to dumb rubbish there even when the security camera is on over here...angry!!!

21 August, 2007 23:39  
Anonymous jane said...

adoi! outside my house the rubbish bin oso like that, not human, it's DOGGY! not cute at all!

managed to rush downstairs and shoo-ed it away d other night. But so much mess to clean up!!!

22 August, 2007 11:25  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

some ppl just never learn. but i bet if u dirty their place, they will react for sure. they are just being selfish.

but if it's a dog - can't help it la

22 August, 2007 18:24  

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