Saturday, August 04, 2007

Betting on Football Match

I was having dinner at a mamak restaurant near my condo and the restaurant had a small projector with a big white screen showing a football match between Man Utd and Chelsea. It was the replay of the 1993/94 Classic FA Cup Final match.

In between 75th and 80th minute of the match, a couple sat at the next table. At the 80th minute, the scoreline was displayed at the bottom of the screen, showing Man Utd leading Chelsea by 3-0.
The following was their conversation:-
Guy: How come there's a match tonight? Aiyah, didn't know about the match otherwise could have placed a bet.
Girl: I thought Chelsea was quite strong.

And the guy proceeded to make a call.
Guy: (name of other party) ..... there's a match being played now between Man Utd and Chelsea. Do you know what match is it? You have no idea too?
Guy: The league is starting next week so you guys placing bets already?
Guy: Ohhhhhhhhhhh, it's not today's game lah..... the screen just showed that it's a Classic FA Cup Final of year 1994 lah....... aiyah....suspense only. Thought I missed it.

After hearing that conversation, deep in my heart, I knew that guy and his gal do not know a single thing about English Premier League. The moment I sat down and saw who the players were, I knew it was a long time ago game. But the stupid buffalo can even call another friend to check what game was being played. And he was into betting???????

Clear enough that he will be placing bets on the clubs only and he won't know a single player in each of the team at all................. hahahhaa. What a joker!

After seeing the last match in May 2007, it was plain weekends but here comes the opening match for the 2007/08 season with the Charity Shield between Man Utd and Chelsea to be played tomorrow evening.
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