Friday, August 10, 2007

Updated Skywards Account

On 6 Aug, I blogged about me being Cheated Off in Skywards Miles. To my surprise, I received an email yesterday morning (9 Aug) from Skywards stating that my Skywards account has been updated and all those missing miles have been credited into my account.

Extract of their email to me:-
"We are sorry to learn of your disappointment through your blog spot at Life's Happenings - with regards to crediting of flights to your Skywards account."

In the first place, I didn't expect any returns from my blog posting as it was to vent my frustration on a company that kept saying their service is excellent. You mean my blog was so effective and what I have written had reached Skywards office in Dubai and they took immediate action on it. No wonder certain politicians were not happy with those Monkey Bloggers. It seems that blogs are playing a major impact in everyone's life.

Kudos to Skywards for rectifying my account. You'll have gotten the confidence of another customer. Now what else can I blog about???
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