Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Peeping Tom - Part I

When I read the article entitled Peeping Tom Beaten Up in the Star newspaper, it recalled the same scenario at my condo 3 years back.

From my condo (a corner unit), I could see the next block's emergency side staircase. For a few times, I did notice a guy standing at the staircase during night time and could see him staring into the condo unit from the staircase. He would then stare at the open space and stare back at the unit. Now what was he staring at? Due to the weird design of the condo unit, a person could see the common toilet from the emergency staircase. As I'm tall you could see my shoulder area during my shower but for a shorter person you may see the head only.

After ensuring that he was a peeping tom due to his frequency at that spot, I informed few of my neighbours on my floor. My opposite neighbour would also try to catch his misdeeds from his angle. On one fine night, I so happened noticed that he just stepped into his common place. I informed the rest of the neighbouring guys and I grabbed a long steel pipe which I keep in my master bedroom's toilet.

Called 2 other guys from other floors and we met downstairs. We walked one big round exiting from the centre of our block, round the car park and into the lift area of the other block. There were 8 of us and we split into 2 groups. We knew he was at the 3rd/4th floor staircase area. One group came out of the lift at the 3rd floor and my group was at the 4th floor walking towards the staircase door. The moment we opened the door, we couldn't see him and we shouted to the 3rd floor's group who didn't see anyone too. Damn, he escaped!

Another time I saw him (needed to be on guard since he was quite frequent) walking towards our condo block. Informed the rest of the gang and the security too. 2 security guys joined us and we tried tried to corner this peeping tom. Somehow, a neighbour, who was quite desperate to nail this guy walked out to the car park to have a better view at the staircase area. Unfortunately and fortunately, they saw each other. This neighbour was holding a golf club and sounded to one of the security guard who was our block 4th floor staircase. Upon noticing that we were hunting him down. He disappeared. We walked all over the place and guarded around but he was nowhere to be seen.

(to be cont'd.......)
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Blogger leonkj said...

Gosh, gangster man you.

09 August, 2007 11:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

1st and foremost, safety for the neighbourhood was in our mind and not the mind of a killer.

2nd, a person doesn't become a rapist at the first instance. it's due to frequent temptations and uncaught acts that gave them so-called 'courage' to do the unnatural act.

3rd, our intention was to kick him out of the condo area.

09 August, 2007 15:36  
Blogger amb3r1te said...

i tried so many times to leave a comment T_T

good on u that u tried to stop him, unfortunately none of u got to bash up the scum :(

27 March, 2008 01:56  

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