Monday, August 06, 2007

Interviewees' Bloopers

Robert McCauley of Robert Half International has stated that according to a survey, nearly one-third (32%) of executives polled said job candidates make more mistakes during the job interview than any other part of the job-hunting process.

Consider these real-life responses from hiring managers who were asked to name the strangest things they had ever heard of happening in a job interview:-

* "After answering the first few questions, the candidate picked up his cell phone and called his parents to let them know the interview was going well."

* "The job seeker halted the conversation about work hours and the office environment, saying she didn't like being confined to a building, but would consider taking the job if she could move her desk to the courtyard outside."

* "When asked by the hiring manager why she was leaving her current job, the applicant said, 'My manager is a jerk. All managers are jerks.'"

* "After arriving for an early morning interview, the job seeker asked to use the hiring manager's phone. She proceeded to fake a coughing fit as she called in sick to her boss."

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