Monday, August 13, 2007

Stolen Bus Stand??

Was surprised by this bus stand opposite Faber Towers in Taman Desa. Noticed the missing bus stand that had been there all this while but where was it now. Where will the bus commuters wait for their bus if it rains (it does rain in Malaysia if the authorities don't know that yet).

If not mistaken, the bus stand was in good condition and from the steel markings behind the tiled seating on the ground, it was ensured that the remaining steel was smoothen so that it won't injure people who may kick it. The bus stand was taken off just like that.

Normal bus commuters may not know where to voice out such inconvenience. They just live their life as it is.

Will Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (City Hall of Kuala Lumpur) or RapidKL, the bus operator in the area please explain.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Locally a drunk driver ran into our bus stand and knocke dit over, so the city did the same thing, just removed it and smoothed down the steel at the bottom, so that no one would accidentally hurt themselves! It took a year for the city to replace it! Maybe there was an accident and that's why they took it down?! Just an idea! Yake care Johnny!

13 August, 2007 02:30  
Blogger Musa said...

They are upgrading the Bus stand lah.. replacing it with a glass/see thru kinda roof and wall. Along Jalan Ampang is nearly done.. ;p

13 August, 2007 12:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

barrett - a year!!!! that's really bad.

musa - ya ka? where in jln ampang? if what u said is true, then why can't they erect a new bus stand at those bus stop area in tmn desa that do not have a bus stand yet rather then demolishing an existing bus stand.

13 August, 2007 14:28  
Blogger babyfiona said...

bus stand also want to curi? weird weird world we having here..

14 August, 2007 11:04  
Blogger BarrettLaurie said...

I know, it was just crazy! So it sounds like your just getting a better one!

15 August, 2007 12:49  
Blogger Musa said...

wah... why so defensive one?.. I dont work with DBKL you know...

Yes, What I said is true, coz I use jalan EVERYDAY..don't know about Taman Desa area

21 August, 2007 16:25  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

not defensive lah musa but u havent seen how the bus commuters have to run like mad when there's a downpour. i get to drive but for ppl who decided to use the bus or unable to afford a car, i pity them.

ppl sitting at the top of those corporation/local council do not suffer the same too. so they can't feel for the bus commuters. not that i'm championing for the bus commuters but it's taken too long to erect a new bus stand then.

21 August, 2007 17:06  
Blogger Musa said...

did I tell you that I use the bus? well, I do... everyday to work. I learn to accept what there is and what there are.. ;p

I must add, the old one that they take down, wasn't that bad at all.. just a matter of standardize the looks.. they tear it all down. such a waste of money.

21 August, 2007 18:29  

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