Saturday, August 11, 2007

Futsal Competition

Reached home around 11.30pm after a few futsal games organised by colleagues. We played at the Ampang Sports Planet.

There were 4 teams in Group A and B respectively and my team played the 2nd match of the night (all matches on one futsal court). In the first match, even though I did warm up but still not enough, I actually couldn't lift my feet to run as I wanted to. I had a terrible miss of the night when I could have hit a goal but it went way off to the left.

We have to play within our strength as it was a mixture of 3 girls and 4 guys in one team. The goalie must be a guy with minimum 2 girls on the field. The score ended 0-0 against the Orange Team and the moment I left the court, I really started to sweat.

Though the body was ready to react, the Grey Team (eventual runners-up) was better than us and they beat us by 2-0. Our last game against Green Team was dependable on the match just before us. Grey Team has beaten both Green Team and mine. If they beat Orange Team, then the winner between our last match will go to the semis. But if Orange Team was to win, they would qualify for the semis and our last match would be academic. Both teams then said that we would be play like mad i.e. without a goalie and score plentiful (we targetted 20 goals) to enjoy our academic game...hahaha.

Grey won and we had to play seriously. I scored the winning goal and my team, Blue, proceeded to the semis against the winner of Group B (eventual winners of the competition). We tried to play defensively against Yellow Team but alas, we were off guard for a slight second and they scored the winner with less than a minute to play. It was ok, we laughed, we joked, we teased other colleagues who played badly, we enjoyed our matches and it was fun.

Wondering how will my body react tomorrow...... haven't this aggressively for quite some time. Hopefully the past gym sessions would help.
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