Friday, August 24, 2007

Brand Management Entails Cover-Up Operation

From what I understood, brand management is normally associated with the following:-
* brand promotion via good advertisement in the media
* exposure of one's brand to the mass public
* a company would get itself involved in various exhibitions to showcase its products/brands
* be a major sponsor in major events e.g. sports, seminar, forums

After reading on brand management which entailed the above, I believed at times, brand management must do some cover-up as well. What do I mean? Cover what?

Companies may have to cover their company's name or brand or logo so that their name won't be exposed in an unwanted situation. Sometimes lesser exposure is good too. Doesn't mean you have to be exposed at all times.

Take for example in the recent China Airlines' airplane that went up in smoke after landing in Naha Airport in Okinawa. Every single passengers and crew members managed to escape by the skin of their teeth. Days later, I think the China Airlines' management decided this .................... "go do some cover-up in the name of brand management". "Yes sir!" was the respond.

The name of China Airlines were painted over.

The wreckage that was 'toasted' to the ground due to a leakage at the fuel tankage. It seems that some bolts punctured the fuel tankage internally.

The China Airlines' logo at its tail-end was also covered-up.

So, is this part of brand management?

Maybe you will say...... ah this could be some safety issue or blah blah that required them do so .......

Just when you think that China Airlines was the only one, Garuda Air did the same when one of their airplanes crashed at Adisutjipto Airport in Yogyakarta way back in March 2007. That crash took the lives of 21 persons.

Garuda Air executed their brand management strategy too. "Cover-up wherever you can" was the instruction.

Learnt something new today. Brand Management entails cover-up operation too which means lesser exposure, totally opposite.
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