Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Short - No Racism Please

What prompted two royal family members from Perak and Selangor respectively to voice out in support of No Racism in their speech during the last week or so. It was very rare for the royal family members to speak out on such topics.

In launching a tribute book for the late Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman's sacrifices for the country's sake, Raja Nazrin, the crown prince of the state of Perak, reminded the nation the following:-

"They took responsibility to voice out and defend the needy and the people. This is the spirit which enabled this country to be stable politically and economically prosperous. Tun Dr Ismail was known to be a Malay nationalist, he was not a racist and did not practise racism. Tun Dr Ismail envisaged a Malaysia for all without colour lines, without ethnic borders and without any one group feeling a sense of inferiority.”

Subsequently, Raja Nazrin was at the First Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 2007. In addressing the participants, he requested the local and foreign university students to maintain socio-political stability. The following points were mentioned by Raja Nazrin:-

"essentials necessary for effective and sustained nation-building were the rule of law and the inviolability of the Federal Constitution; economic and social justice for all; and good governance and a thriving civil society. To understand nation building, first of which was getting a copy of the Federal Constitution and familiarising themselves with it. Active participation in community service geared towards promoting interaction between communities was another method of contributing to nation-building."

And then the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin, expressed his concern over the following:-
* corruption is still a problem, which the people are very concerned about, and more effective action needs to be taken
* government agencies continued to slow down approvals for foreign investors, saying the lackadaisical attitude of some government servants had affected the investment momentum
* expressed his concern over the country’s brain drain, saying talented young people were leaving the country and was sad to see good people being lost to other countries (esp to our neighbour, Singapore)
* urged the people in Selangor to reject any form of racial and religious intolerance. Islam respects other religions and other religions must also respect Islam and that multiracialism must be instilled at primary school level

Just think for a moment, did the royal family members see something that we common people didn't see it coming at us or has happened already but was covered up. The issues brought up by Sultan Sharafuddin have always been denied by the government. Government had mentioned that corruption level has improved / told the foreign investors to get out if they don't like the way Malaysians work / brain drain didn't affect the country as only minority group left / always maintained that racial & religious are under control.

I want to say that both of them really did stand out prominently in the eyes of many Malaysians with such calls. Hey, you guys who have those dignitary titles in that white tall building, did you get the message?
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Blogger bZbee said...

no one is perfect and we all make mistakes in our pass..this is what we get from M'sia previous ruling gov...U'd be surprised how the rest of the nation are still ignorant about our current situation in M'sia..Thumbs down for Wolves in sheepskin...u know..just read Petra's blog and it 'll help open some people's droopy eye..i'm not anti gov but anti corruption!!!

04 December, 2007 22:25  

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