Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hunting for Food at Mid Valley

dit dit doot doot ...... played with the interactive digital touch screen board that could help you check out what was available in The Gardens. The place was big so need some help to look for food selection.

Ahhhhhhhhh found one, let's go to Din Tai Fung. Seems to be serving dim sum, a kind of breakfast made famous in Hong Kong. Lots of such restaurants serving dim sum in Malaysia also.

But be warned!!!!! Din Tai Fung, a restaurant located at the lower ground floor of The Gardens looks packed from the outside, one of the few restaurants that has opened for business. So, of course seeing that it was packed we went in.

Went in and saw that the prices of the menu were exhorbitant. I have always said that I don't mind paying for good food but when the price is way above board, I would not bow to such prices. Four pieces of shrimp 'siew mai' would cost you RM11.00 (no tax yet). Small serving of a plate of taufu would hit your wallet with a RM18.00 bill.

We walked out of the restaurant without ordering. Too bad. Our prediction - this restaurant will close down in time to come. They were just insulting my brilliance by putting those prices there. Insult a blogger, this is the kind of negative advert lah especially one who likes to eat.

Walked back towards Mid Valley instead and saw this new cafe opened by Seed, a local fashion house. Why not? If don't like, not obligated and can walk out again....hehe

From the front view of Seed's shop, you wouldn't have noticed the cafe which was fronting the Boulevard offices, same row as Maybank.

Walking further into the shop, you would notice a cafe behind some doors.

I came from the other end. Wouldn't have noticed it if I was inside Mid Valley.

Have to take brunch by now after the long hunt and a 'walk out'. We ordered a nasi lemak (how do you call this in english??)

This was RM14.90 and believe me, this plate of rice was indeed spicy. And when I said spicy, you will cry for sure and normally friends won't order it if I mention that it's spicy. My tongue is sort of immune to chili, whatever and however spicy.

A penne pasta with cheese, fattenning but close your eyes while eating it. Forget about those fats/diets, enjoy first.
This serving of Hainanese chicken rice was bountiful. Big plate of chicken breast. Unbelievable. The price also a bit unbelievable but much much better than that Din Tai Fung (yeah, repeating the name again in case you have forgotten)
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Anonymous annna said...

Try Mdm Kwan's Nasi Lemak. it's GOOD.. =D~~

04 October, 2007 21:55  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

knew abt that and mdm kwan's is usually quite pack also. sometimes just like to try out new places so that in future hav more choices

05 October, 2007 11:21  

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