Sunday, December 31, 2006

Visitation at the Villages

(Happened on Sat, 3o Dec) Off we go to the villages to make our presence felt. The malay colleagues in my company and Petronas contributed monies to buy 13 cows to be given to the respective villages near our project site here.

Saw some people loading their truck with a few goats. The goats will actually stay put and won't jump off the truck.

9 of them cramped into a Pajero. Incredible!

3 Toyota Landcruisers (with 5 passengers each) and 1 Mitsubishi Pajero (the incredible one).

All the men in the village came out to greet us.

Group photo in the first village.

You can't miss me and neither can the Sudanese people.....they will say to me...Chinese? Chinese? To the Sudanese, Chinese comes from China only.
I will be missing from lots of the pictures as I prefer taking the scenario as I wanted to let you feel what it's like. And for some group pictures, no point for me to stand among them as you won't find me there too.....too small.
The first village was expecting us and they came out in full force to welcome us.
More pictures to come................................



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