Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bloody Scene in Hotel

Yeah, bloody when this medical officer pricked my finger to obtain few dots of blood to determine my blood type and whether my blood was acceptable to be donated today. Could be determined by dripping into a bottle of liquid (forgotten the name of it). If the drip sinks, meaning you could donate but if it floats, sorry another time then.
Before taking this photo, my colleague beside me requested another colleague not to have him inside this photo as he said I will put this photo inside the blog......hahaha....sorry, my camera and it's done now.
My view while lying down - the ceiling of the Crown Princess Hotel ballroom. There must have been a function the night before.

In a short while, my blood bag was full. 450ml of it.
And the nurse came over to fill in 2 tubes. The blood sample in this 2 tubes would be sent for examination to ensure that my blood is clean from AIDS, Hepatitis and whatever contagious disease that could affect the blood recipient if so happened they took my blood.

Ah....... my favourite part of the blood donation.....tea break. Went to donate around 2.45pm and after the donation, it's time to eat as much to replenish the blood loss.
Our snacks and a cup of tea. When I saw a chef with his top hat in the ballroom, I thought Crown Princess Hotel had sponsored some good snacks but to my disappointment, nothing much. Just normal sandwiches, butter and banana cakes were available.
These were the goodies that we received after donating those precious blood of mine. There was a hair shampoo from UNZA, a chocolate bread from High5, a toothpaste from Fresh & White, a shampoo sachet from Shokubutsu, a soya milk from Drinho and a local magazine, Zero Degrees.



Anonymous jane said...

Donate blood! yikes. i always wonder if i could donate blood.. with my size n all =P what's the minimum weight again? i'm 45kg, probably kinda underweight. any immediate reaction from ur body after donating?

27 June, 2007 15:18  
Anonymous maurizio said...

You are lucky. They don't give gifts here. :)

27 June, 2007 15:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

got used to it...i missed last 3 yrs as i was not in m'sia most of the time and the medical officer asked why didnt i donate.

i think 45kg is just nice, cant remember the min. but the medics wldn't want yr blood if u dont meet the min. requirements or if u fail the blood drip test. they wldnt want u to faint or hav complications thereafter.

the medical officers will chk and ask questions to ensure that u are ok.

actually no feelings one when yr blood is being flowed into the bag. it's just like u fell down and blood wld be flowing out from the wound. next time there's one near yr place, call me and i'll accompany u

27 June, 2007 15:53  

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