Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prison Inmate on the Run

A prison inmate was sent to a hospital, University of Utah orthopedic center in Salt Lake City, for a medical appointment but wrestled his way for freedom. In the process of trying to keep him still, the prison inmate managed to grab the accompanying police officer's gun and a shot was enough to kill the police officer.

He got out of the hospital and managed to frighten 2 persons out of a SUV vehicle and drove the vehicle onto a highway. Police managed to keep track of his escape and followed closely.

On the highway, 2 patrol cars collided into each other while trying to stop the Ford Explorer..... will consider this SUV in future, must be powerful enough to run at 100mph while trying escape. Stable enough also as its tyres ran over tire spikes placed by police.

Then he sneaked his vehicle into an Arby's fast food restaurant before being brought down by a customer inside the restaurant. A hero appeared in time.

Now, after all the above, I found it unnecessary to pursue this guy so intensively. Maybe he's dangerous to the public but when you look at this prison inmate's picture, I'm 101% sure that he can't escape the law.

How on earth is he going to hide without anyone noticing him.......you tell me!

Curtis Allgier is the name, with a heavily tattoed face/body, a blind man could even feel his presence too.......
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