Friday, June 01, 2007

Free Cocaine / Marijuana

By reading that title, don't be shocked thinking that I became a drug pusher. Was also thinking just now, if I blogged about this will I be construed as promoting it. nah..........continue reading....

You can't find those drugs here anyway but faraway. For your safety, if you have booked for a holiday going to Rome, Taranto (both in Italy) or Algiers (capital city of Algeria), please re-consider changing your venue.

Italy's National Research Council or in italian, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche ("CNR") has done a research at the 3 mentioned cities and found that Rome's atmosphere has a cocaine presence of approximately 0.1 nanogramme (1 nanogramme is one billionth of a gramme) per cubic metre during winter months. On long term basis, it's bad for public health. How come this could happen?

CNR has played down the people's assumption that the 3 cities have a high rate of drugs intake. Then it must be those Mafia fellas who has polluted those 3 cities with their drugs being sold/distributed widely need to buy now, free sniffing........
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