Saturday, June 09, 2007

Book of Records

Do you know that in order for a world record to be accepted by the Guinness World of Records, a representative from their office must be present to verify that particular record attempt. But it's not a requirement in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, we have the Malaysia Book of Records. This book of records will only record all records achieved by Malaysians. A record is easily achievable in Malaysia. But you still need to proof that it was done.

Malaysia's Minister of Youth and Sports, Azalina Ibrahim, flew in a Russian-made MI-17-IV helicopter up to the Mount Everest's base camp to meet Malaysia's contingent of Mount Everest climbers who would making their climb then. Owing to this sending off by Azalina, her ministry will try to put her into the MBR under the following feat - the first minister and the first female minister of Malaysia to set foot at the base camp.

I really respect them. So from now onwards, any Malaysians attempting to break any records, efforts are not compulsory as in climbing up to the base camp but being there is the most important criteria irregardless of how you got there .......... hehehe

Let me see ........... I feel like being the first Malaysian to fly into Artic and get out from there in the shortest time, all via airplane. Just get a mobile phone to video record my attempt and post it in YouTube. Should be good enough as a record. You can too!! (suddenly felt the urge of becoming a motivator)
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