Monday, June 18, 2007

China & Hong Kong Bloggers

Few of the China/Hong Kong bloggers that are quite famous in the blogosphere and also amongst non-bloggers looking for interesting news to read:-

EastSouthWestNorth's Roland Soong reads an astonishing number of newspaper article each day. He selects those that have news value and translates them into English on his blog so that the English-language reader can read about what is happening in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. EastSouthWestNorth has a certain influence among foreign media. The foreign newspapers reported on "Bus Uncle" through the translation on EastSouthWestNorth.

Hong Kong Media Buster has a stated goal of criticizing Hong Kong media. In order to make powerful criticisms and reflections, the basic requirement is knowledge and information. The two-man team at Hong Kong Media Busters cites information from foreign media and United Nations official sources.

Diuman Park is also run by two persons. They are critical but also informative. Their sarcastic tone offers a different kind of attraction. They do draw around 1,000 readers per day.

Isaac Mao shared his views about blogger culture with us and showed that mainland netizens are using blogs to communicate and receive information that the traditional media would not provide. As one of the earliest bloggers in the Chinese community, Isaac is not only co-founder of which is the earliest evangelizing site in China on grassroots publishing, but also the co-organizer of Chinese Blogger Conference (2005 in Shanghai, 2006 in Hangzhou).

Another classical example of blogger culture is the One More Kilogram project. 1kg More (short for “1 kilogram more in your travel pack”) is a non-official cause of charity crossing over travel.
It runs behind the idea of travelers bringing 1kg of inexpensive educational materials in addition to their package to give away to some one that needs it along their journey, e.g. kids that cannot even afford a pencil rubber.

Jacky's Blog said: "One uses one's personal power to influence society and change the world."
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