Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chinese Likes To Eat?

Talk about food, the chinese friends (in KL) that I have will travel just to taste a particular food. I'm talking about dinner on a Sunday night. Be it in Klang, Port Klang, Kajang, Sungai Buloh, Sri Kembangan and our normal hunting grounds around KL or PJ.

The places we go to were usually fully packed and may have to wait for your table. After getting a table, you may have to order and take turns for your food to be served. Just waiting alone may take 1 hour at times and the food will be finished in 30 minutes.

But I bet we cannot match the scenario in found in a feast held at Xuyi County, East China's Jiangsu Province. Some 15,000 people devoured nearly ten tons of lobster made by about 500 cooks during the feast.

Bearing in mind that Xuyi County is one of the poorest counties in Jiangsu Province with 90% of the population being peasants. Peasants but yet could enjoy such a feast. This is what I call - enjoy life while you can!



Blogger Nadine said...

Boy that's a lot of lobster and lots of people to eat it. Great pictures of the event. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

13 June, 2007 12:41  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

it must be really cheap to join in as peasants cldn't afford what we at malaysian restaurants

13 June, 2007 13:34  
Blogger Musa said...

walao wei!.... remembered that Jesus feed thousands of people with bread and fish!.. its a wonder He can feed em with so little yet it is still enough.

I think, I much prefer to say it that "Enjoy life with what you have" rather than "while you can". *wink*

13 June, 2007 16:09  
Blogger Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...


It's always great to meet new people in the blogworld.

Thank you for passing by. I have not posted in over week due to a situation right now and I need some time for reflection.

I love love love lobster. It's great that all these individuals rich and poor were able to enjoy such a wonderful dish!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by. don't be a stranger....

13 June, 2007 23:38  
Blogger Shionge said...

Anything a person would do for food ya!!! :D I can imagine the buzz & excitment but I'll pass and eat in comfort at my house kekeke...

14 June, 2007 09:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i'm well known amongst my group of frens and in office that i cld eat a lot. doesnt mean i'm fat just that i cld consume a lot. that's gifted!! haha

14 June, 2007 11:56  

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