Friday, June 01, 2007

Please Come Back Next Week

No no no, it's not that I'm going somewhere and that I'm telling you blog readers to come back to my blog next week..........

It's just that a customer at a pharmacy shop was told to come back next week to obtain his medical prescriptions. No stocks???

Customer: Sir, I have been here last week and you told me to come this week to collect my medicines.

Pharmacy owner: I know that Sir, it's not that I don't want to give to you.

Customer: Then what's the problem? In the first place, do you have stocks in your shop?

Pharmacy owner: Oh, yes we do! Lots of them. You can see it for yourself. You must understand Sir, I have only 1 staff who is helping me out. My staff is now looking for the medicine for the person standing on your right. He has been here for the last 2 weeks.

(Customer fainted upon seeing how the pharmacy shop has stored its products ..................)
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