Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saudi Style Parties

Whisky, women and weapons (extracted from The Age)
LONG after midnight, the party is in full swing, the music loud, the whisky and champagne flowing. In the penthouse suite at a five-star London hotel, six attractive young British women, most in short, tight dresses that leave little to the imagination, sashay between wealthy princes from Saudi Arabia, flirting and laughing slightly more loudly than the Arabs' witticisms merit.

A silver dish of white powder, with matching spoon, is passed around. From time to time a couple slips out of the suite only to reappear half an hour later and seek new friends. Others do not feel impelled to leave to share intimate moments but settle on a sofa or the four-poster in the main bedroom oblivious, perhaps, to their fellow partygoers.

For this is the country where Islamic sharia law reigns, the Koran is the constitution, woman are not allowed to drive and where the religious zealots hold sway over law and order in a delicate pact with the ruling House of Saud, the extended royal family that holds every government post.

The Saudi royals also like to entertain and expect that to be reciprocated. In their home country that will consist of lavish dinners, with the finest food, in elegant surroundings. Abroad they will expect at least the same - and sometimes much more, especially in western Europe.

The "whisky and women" were usually demanded by less senior members of the ruling family, says one former diplomat in Riyadh. "There are about 5000 Saudi princes and a lot of the younger ones especially like to do things that many men of their age do. They are very restricted in their country so it's understandable that some go a bit wild when they are over here."
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