Friday, June 15, 2007

Wahaha ...... hahahahaha

Came across this company's products by the name of Wahaha located in Hangzhou, China ..........hahahaha

I would say that the owner, Zong Qinghou, and his wife (former teachers) are laughing all the way to the bank...hahahahaha. From a minnow company selling beverages and ice-creams, they have diversified to many other types of beverages and one of which is Wahaha's Future Coke.

Future Coke, a similar carbonated drink to Coca-Cola, was launched in 1998 and today, it's giving sleepless nights to Coca-Cola and Pepsi in rural China areas. Now, you have to know that the rural areas are definitely much larger than the urban/established areas.

Their business could generate an annual revenue of US$1.37 billion (11.4 billion yuan) and profits of US$162.7 million (1.34 billion yuan) per year.

Seeing this potential, it has prompted Group Danone SA to increase their investment in Wahaha......hahahahahahhaha. Somehow, the investment didn't go as planned and has generated wide protests from the Wahaha local workers.......for once Wahaha staff are not laughing. Their founder, Zong Qinghou, has resigned amidst the takeover by Group Danone SA.

Wahaha is famous enough to attract Wang Lee Hom to become their products' ambassador. So, Lee Hom is also hahahhahahahah all the way to the bank as well.

Guess who's laughing lately ...hahahaha
Reading: Wahaha - Taking the fizz out of the giant cola brands! - Venture Republic

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Blogger Shionge said...

Interesting post Johnny so you see, never underestimate 'laughter' ya....pple already hahah to the bank liao kekekek....

Hmmm....I think I'll go hehehe and


18 June, 2007 01:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

good idea, u want a partner for that too???

18 June, 2007 17:57  

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