Friday, June 08, 2007

Privilege for Broken Hearted Customers

All young South Korean men were required mandatorily to serve in the national army by the government. If during this period of service, you received a email or letter from your darling stating that she wanted to break off with you, there will be some good news after all for you.

Though the good news may not come from your darling anymore or their family members trying to salvage the broken relationship, a South Korean bank has decided to chip in to assist such soldiers. Wow! not bad but how does a bank comfort a soldier in such a scenario.

Nonghyup Bank, upon solid proof provided that you have been dumped by your darlings (wonder if being jilted by the wife counts???) will provide the following benefits for you:-
* new deposit plan with better rates
* waived service fees

This plan is not restricted to men only but also available to female soldiers, family members of professional troops, wounded veterans and trainees. Besides that, Nonghyup Bank will also donate 0.1 per cent of the new clients' balances for dead war heroes and wounded veterans.

Only 1 catch, the offer is valid from 4 June 2007 to end Sept 2007. If want to break up, make sure you break up within this few months or if you sense it in Sept 2007, make sure you get those email or letter by 30 Sept 2007 morning and rush to the bank by that afternoon.

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