Sunday, June 24, 2007

Luxury QE2 Cruise Liner

The luxury Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise liner will end its cruise career by end 2008. The current owner of QE2, Cunard, has sold the cruise liner to Dubai World company for a sum of £50m.

Dubai World would station the QE2 at their prestigious Palm Jumeirah's man made island and would to turn it into a luxury hotel after refurbishment.

If you think you have missed a chance to travel on a luxury cruise liner, have no fear as Cunard has commissioned another cruise liner, Queen Mary 2. Queen Mary 2 is Cunard's flagship since year 2004. Queen Mary is a 150,000 tonne cruise liner compared to QE2 at 70,000 tonne (wow! double the size, just look at the picture).



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