Friday, June 15, 2007

Registration as Voter

Anyone who is 21 years old and above are eligible to vote at any general elections held in Malaysia. In order for you to vote on that particular day, your name has to be registered with the Election Commission ("EC"). Failure to do so, even though you are aged 99, you can't vote at all.

You could register as a voter at computerised post offices. If possible, do it before 30 June 2007 to stand a chance of being included in the electoral roll. The general election may be held in November, and if so, gives the EC around 4-5 months to update the roll because we all know they're not the most efficient of 'government body'.

There have been regular registration booths at SS2 pasar malam (Monday) and Cheow Yang (Thursday). There is one at Bangsar pasar malam this coming Sunday too.

1. For those of you whose MyKad address is your hometown or old address, you can register and go back to vote at that voting locality.

2. If you are not planning to go back there to vote, then you have to go update to your current address at the IC department (JPN). Next, you have to go to the post office and register there with your new address. Only then can you vote at your new address.

3. If you are already a registered voter, but your current MyKad address is different to the area you previously voted in, then you also have to go to the post office to update to your preferred voting locality (current MyKad address). Only then can you vote using your current address.

4. For registered voters, check your status at If you can, check it every 2 months until the election. In the event you are a registered voter but can't find your details on the EC site, you should lodge a complaint to the EC or any political party. There have been too many instances where people have been voting for decades but have been booted off the electoral roll.

That's all. Thank you. Remember, try to do it before 30 June 2007 to be on the safe side.



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