Friday, June 22, 2007

Car Jack?

Dear friends,

I had a terrifying experience yesterday evening and I want to share with you. At 8pm yesterday, at the Damansara toll plaza, heading towards the city, I was suddenly "intercepted" by an old dark coloured, ill-mantained 3-series BMW. The vehicle stopped almost slant wise in front of me.

A young, thin Malay man possibly in his 20s alighted from the car with a parang in his hand. As soon as I saw him with a weapon, I sped towards Damansara Utama with the intention of going to the nearest police station. He trailed me violently weaving in and out traffic and waving the parang on one hand asking me to stop. There is also another man in the passenger seat, (I can't tell his look). They sped off after I made the turn off towards D'sara Utama.

Upon reaching the police station, I was calmed down by several policemen, who claimed that this is an attempted car jack and it happened almost everyday in and around D'sara Utama because of the accessibility of roads leading to many areas. This is also where Dato' Lee Hwa Beng was carjacked 2 months ago.

The police also claimed that carjackers would go for less luxury cars today and robbers tend to target people who has withdrawn money from ATM machines. I hope to remind all friends to be more alert and careful while you are on the road, coming out from the banks and even at petrol stations...Be safe....

Regards......Seow Kim Seng

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