Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hot War

Cold War was over when the communist regime fell across Europe. With USSR disintegrated and most East Europeans' communism regime fell down the drain, the Cold War disappeared silently too.

Lately, the USA was trying to place some of its missles and radar system in Poland and Czech Republic in which Russia took it seriously and said that USA has breached ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty. Russia stated that those placements were meant to target Russia.
Meanwhile, USA has responded by saying that those interceptor missiles and radar system's placement were meant to counter any future threats from Iran and North Korea.
Very sensitive situation. Was USA's reasons justified? It seems that Russia was not buying it.

On the other hand, in showing that their arms' strength are still powerful, Russia launched a RS-24 missile from the Plesetsk cosmodrome last Tuesday. This missle could be armed with up to 10 warheads and was designed to evade missile defence systems. Wow! Evade? If you don't intend to bomb people in future why a need for a missile that could evade...... and a missile that could fit in 10 warheads???????? This missile could have been planned for few years back when everything was peaceful and their mind was already filled with destruction of another country with just one powerful missile....tsk tsk tsk

The NATO-Russia Council stated that it will continue to to address Russia’s concerns regarding the plans. Concerns on what when Russia was also well prepared?

Ain't this going to be a HOT WAR!!! Must practice my shooting skills with my Counter Strike game. You'll never know when it will come in handy.
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