Sunday, June 10, 2007

Useful Dead Bodies

Nope, not blogging about pledging your body parts here. It's more of sustaining your body (when you are dead) and then see that you have the same face/body when you came back to life. What am I talking about?

A USA-based company located in Michigan, Cryonics Institute, has created a way to ensure that your body will not rot away. While waiting for the right medicines being produced to cure your incurable disease, your body would be maintained in their storage. Once there's a medical breakthrough, your body could be retrieved and the relevant medicines be applied to your body and thus, you could live a new life again without that fatal disease again and your body didn't age as well. Fun?
How do they do it? They actually freeze your body with liquid nitrogen in which your body is cooled to a temperate that will stop your body from rotting or decaying.
Their membership is not really that expensive looking at the fact that they can maintain your youthfulness all the while.
656 members with 80 of them being stored in liquid nitrogen. How true is it? Meaning to say that 80 of them could be frozen with fatal disease that could kill them if they were still alive. So, might as well be 'dead' temporarily first.

Besides Cryonics Institute, another company - Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Arizona-based, is offering the same service too.
Alcor's website even mentioned that clergy and theologians have endorsed such practise. What's your view on this?



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