Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pink Airline?

A new airline by the name of Fly Pink will be launched in July 2007 to cater for females only. Wow!! Is there a market for it?

It's initial flight will be between Liverpool in England to Paris of France. It's catered for women who wants to go for a shopping break in Paris. In the aircraft, everything will be in pink. Just imagine having pink champagne and complementary manicures before take-off (many women would love this treatment).

Why pink? Imagine a pink aeroplane!! Your flight attendants dressed in pink as well. Seat covers are in pink, carpet flooring in the plane is also in pink......and when you flush the WC, pink water will appear???? Served with food on pink tray and pink cups. Your flight captain dressed in pink too?

A blog by the name of Mind The Gap by a group of feminist blogged about this flight too. They have no doubt that there will be women who would just fly over to Paris to buy a Euro2,000 dress.
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