Sunday, December 10, 2006

Accepted - movie review

Accepted – starring Justin Long, Jonah Hill & Adam Herschman. Year end result was out and high school students future was dependable on it as to which college will accept them. Justin’s result was just not good enough to be accepted by any college. Due to that he tried to talk the parents from sending him to a college which was rejected of course. Out of desperation, he, with a few close friends, created a college name, a fake college letter of acceptance and bluffed the parents into believing that he was accepted by a college named South Harmon Institute of Technology, in short it’s called S.H.I.T. To convince his doubtful dad, a website was also set-up by his mate. A rundown and abandoned building was obtained to be changed into a college front.

After checking into the college, an unknown guy came knocking the college door. To Justin’s surprise, dozens of other young people were standing outside the college entrance too. Apparently, his friend who created the website allowed people to register and those came in also paid up for the first term of college. With the money available, Justin and friends put up activities as lessons beyond your imagination. Such students were not bothered about the activities as they were also students who had failed to be accepted into any colleges. Staying there with frequent parties suit them just find. A high-end college came to know about SHIT’s existence and the authorities were alerted and operations came to an end. Justin and gang came together to appeal to the education authority and tried to apply for a licence to operate.

In the authority’s context, any group of people coming together with the intention of learning something will be allowable and an education could be set-up to cater to that needs. See the movie to see how is Justin going to convince the authorities, failing which he has to return all the money used or be jailed for fraud. A good comedy to break the daily monotonous life wherever you are (works best if you are in Sudan). Fraudsters will like this movie a lot.
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